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Another day, another story about Conor McGregor.

The enigmatic mixed martial artist has become synonymous with the sport. It seems that with every piece of news that comes out about the UFC, McGregor is somehow attached.

Their biggest star by far and hands down biggest draw has been on twitter today responding to tweets from fans. An image hit the internet today of a buff-looking Nate Diaz. Alongside his brother, Nick Diaz, the Stockton, Calif. native showed off his new look alongside superstar Jean Claude Van Damme, prompting this tweet from notable MMA tweeter Front Row Brian.

Not one to be intimidated, it looked like "Mystic Mac" took the image in his stride and with excitement at the inevitable rematch. As I'm sure you all know, McGregor and Diaz were set to face off once again in the Octagon at the UFC's landmark 200th event. Unfortunately for the fans, the mouth-watering rematch was not to be.

The UFC and McGregor fell on opposite sides of the fence when it came to the featherweight champion's media obligations. Instead of attending the UFC 200 press conference in Las Vegas, the 145-pound champ decided to remain in Iceland to train and prepare for his next bout.

The sporadic tweeter made sure to confirm his confidence that the rematch would take place and also what the outcome would be.

Last time, many viewed the massive jump from 145 to 170 pounds as a deciding factor in the bout. Something that McGregor and his coach have already addressed as an issue that would not decide the fight. Now it looks like the Irishman has changed his 'steak for breakfast, steak for dinner' attitude.

Thankfully, it looks like we won't be waiting to long until we see McGregor back in action. Today his coach seemingly confirmed that they would be back with UFC for either 201 or 202.

Incredible Hi-Res screenshot from me.
Incredible Hi-Res screenshot from me.

A prospect that could perhaps eclipse the gate and numbers generated from UFC 200, such is the star appeal of Conor McGregor. The featherweight champion has opened up the UFC and MMA to a global audience, helping take it into the mainstream and introducing markets to the sport that at first never seemed viable.

The fight that almost everyone wants to see next for Conor McGregor is a title defense against the winner of Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar. Thankfully, The Notorious one confirmed his intentions to defend his belt in a unification bout later this year. This is good news to all who thought that he would be vacating his belt after the jump to the lightweight division.

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the UFC and Conor McGregor to work out the business aspect of his return. We'll wait here in anticipation.


Are you still excited for UFC 200 even though Conor McGregor isn't on the card?


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