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When I was little I watched the power rangers,sailor moon,tenchi muyo and all the old cartoons like animaniacs and scooby doo and back then i would and still mimic i the fighting shows what they did. Going throughout till about middle school it was a live he double hockey sticks and as usual when i got home would watch tv. One day I was flipping throught the channels and theres a guy in a casket and he is not moving but the guy come to find out later was randy orton and this was after the events wrestlemania 21

It was a feud with this man the undertaker i became a fan most of the time I would only watch undertaker matches and a few others then I started getting into it and learning even how to become a profesonial wrestler a long time later im saying this story because my own acting carrer plus a few other shows not just anime or cartoon but inspriations like robin williams they made me smile and when i was even in my own darest hour would get down on one knee and stick my tounge out With my auspergers syndrome and major deresion my passion for watching this program for 12 years has goten me to this point n a few weeks on the week of may 17-23 i have a interview with someone and im not the greatest writer but I enjoy telling my stories so if you have any questions that you would like answered write them down bellow and when i write my article you may have it answerd i also may stream on periscope when i do so follow me on twitter for more details thank you for your time


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