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Dada 5000, aka. Dhafir Harris, nearly lost his life when he fought Kimbo Slice in the co-main event of Bellator 149. The two fighters went at each other with a level of energy that Harris was not prepared for, and he ended up collapsing early in the third round.

Harris was given oxygen and was carried out of the cage on a stretcher. He was then transported to the hospital where he needed to be resuscitated due cardiac arrest. It was there that it was diagnosed that he was suffering from, "severe dehydration, fatigue and renal failure."

Harris stabilized and ended up spending quite a lengthy time in the hospital. fortunately for Harris, he made a full recovery, but that doesn't mean he hasn't forgotten that he nearly died.

Harris took to his Instagram account to post a reminder on how serious of a position he was in:

"From Kidney failure 2 Heart attacks and Coded twice Back 2 Back! And im Hard to KILL!!! Even harder to Scare!!! Those out there Know who and what I'm talking about. I'm Still ALIVE!!!"

Harris also had a message for those that played down the severity of his condition as well as criticized the event as not being a success:

"Critics, Haters are free to think and say what they want But the truth is we Broke Records World Wide on National Tv And Sold that Arena out from the Back to the Front."

It's unclear if Harris will ever return to the cage, but by the tone of his post (and the level of hashtags he used), it sounds as if that might be a possibility for the 38 year old.


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