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Last year, Travis Browne's ex-wife Jenna Webb made some very serious accusations agains the UFC heavyweight. According to Webb, prior to their separation, Browne was abusive, and went as far as to hit her on multiple occasions.

As proof, Webb posted photos of her injuries to Instagram. She did not however press charges, as she said she did not want to affect Browne's career or his children.

Browne sat down with MMA Fighting earlier this week to discuss the incident. Browne was still very emotional about the turn of events, and it is clearly something that is still weighing heavily on him.

"Honestly, I feel a little betrayed," Browne said, questioning why Webb did not go to the police. "If those are your reasons for lying, but then you don't press charges, you don't try to do things the right way."

He added that if he was in that situation, and he knew someone with children was abusing their spouse, he would not have ignored it.

"If any of you guys were here beating your wife and you have two kids, I swear to God, I will f*ck you up. And I would take your kids and take them from you.

"All these places, TMZ and that stuff, ran stuff and not a single person asked questions. I'm a 6-foot-7, 250-pound man. I have two little boys at home and if I did the things I was accused of, you want those two boys being raised by me? Why wouldn't you want them out of my home? Why would you want me to have my career if that's the kind of man I am?"

Browne also took shots at the media, for putting him in the hot seat, while he felt that no one questioned Webb's story.

"A gripe of mine that honestly, and all you guys are with the media, is that nobody questioned her," Browne said. "Everybody put their eyes on me. Everybody made stories on me. And when I was reinstated, that was the only headline: 'Travis Browne was reinstated.' And I'll be honest. You guys as media kind of let me down. I'll say that in that sense, because we're all being professional. That's what let me down."

The UFC conducted its own investigation into the allegations, through their law firm Campbell & Williams. The firm did not find anything conclusive, and cleared Browne to return to competition.


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