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Last week, Conor McGregor took a stand against what he feels like is the nonstop amount of press that the UFC requires a fighter to do to promote an event. In doing so though, Donald Cerrone thinks he has thrown away at least "$9-10 million dollars."

Suffice to say, "Cowboy" doesn't feel a lot of sympathy for Conor.

"For ‘Mr. Press Conference’ not to want to do a press conference is insane," Cerrone told "They’re talking upwards of $8 (million), $9 million dollars he’s throwing away. I would literally ride a rocket ship to the moon for six months for $10 million to do a press conference."

Cerrone is well known amongst the fighting community for his willingness to step up for anything. It's this philosophy that prompted him to tweet UFC president, Dana White, after McGregor pulled out of his fight with Nate Diaz.

Cerrone then told reporters, "I’ll fight Diaz at 200, and I don’t need any more money."

"Our job is to entertain," Cerrone added. "That’s what we do; it’s part of the job. When you sign on the ‘X,’ I have to do all the media obligations for Ottawa [at UFC Fight Night 89]. You think I want to? It’s just part of the job. It’s what we have to do.”



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