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UFC flyweight paddy Holohan (12-2-1) has announced his retirement this week, due to a rare medical condition that leaves him ineligible for competition.

The 27-year-old fighter revealed in a Facebook post that he has a condition called Factor XIII deficiency, a very rare disorder that affects blood-clotting. Factor XIII deficiency only occurs in approximately one in every five million people. It is a potentially fatal condition that can lead to hemorrhaging and blood clots, as well as uncontrolled bleeding.

Surprisingly though, this is not a new development to Holohan. He was actually born with the condition, and hid it from medical professionals so that he could compete in professional MMA.

"I never disclosed it then or now, it came to the UFC's attention from a third party and I can no longer pass the medical requirements to compete," he wrote. "Only 1 in 5 million people are diagnosed so I knew that it was so rare, organisations wouldn't understand or take the chance with me as I have found out now, I never explained in full to John or my team the actual risks cause I didn't think there was excess risk."

"It is a disorder that is only dangerous for me not my opponents," he added.

Holohan had a rough start to his UFC career, after losing his elimination fight trying to get on The Ultimate Fighter Season 18. He was later signed though, and went 4-1, including a Fight of the Night award against Chris Kelades. He most recently fought in October, headlining a UFC Fight Night event.

"I have mixed emotions about [my retirement]," Holohan wrote. "Proud because I always wore my heart on my sleeve, stood my ground, never cheated, never turned away from diversity or challenges and always strived to inspire and encourage people from all backgrounds."

"Sad because I will never make that walk again, under those lights, feeling all those uncomfortable yet life giving feelings as they count and you hear "walk walk walk" staring into a camera, knowing millions are watching but most importantly the Irish are watching."

Prior to his retirement, he trained out of SBG Ireland, alongside UFC champion Conor McGregor. Holohan now plans on managing a new gym with SBG head trainer John Kavanagh.

You can read his full retirement statement here. We wish Paddy luck and good fortune in his future endeavors.


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