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For all fans of Mixed Martial arts out there, the past week has been an absolute roller coaster of emotion! Perhaps the biggest UFC spectacle ever is going to take place in the brand-spanking new T-Mobile Arena on July 9th. But, there may be nobody to fill that octagon...

It was previously announced that Mystic Mac would again be facing the Stockton Slapper in what is assumed to be the biggest UFC fight ever, in reference to PPV sales at least, although I was expecting a great bout.

But then, In a brilliant publicity stunt or just plain ego, the lovable Irishman announced his retirement. Or so we thought:

He's back? Well looks like everybody prematurely wet themselves with pure anticipation for a statement like this. But, evidently this statement may not hold truth

Speaking to TMZ, President of the UFC Dana White had this to say about the tweet:

We haven't talked to Conor or his manager since the press conference. I don't know why he would tweet that.
A lot of these guys came here from different parts of the world [to promote]. But you know, these guys all came. They have better things to do, and they're here. It's part of the job.

Even Dana is trying to reign Conor In, everybody knows he has gained quite a reputation for letting the fighter have his own way. But now it seems like he is putting policy and the regulations of the company above individuals, as it should be!

There may be more problems on the horizon as everybody's favourite martial arts teaching cholo is even floating away:

Well anybody be left to fill the July slot? At this rate, the vacant chairs will vastly outnumber the amount of human life in that arena!

Although, personally I believe the hype around 200 needs to slow way, way down as it only leads to well planned out and money grabbing stunts like this! Don't get me wrong, I would love to see another McGregor v Diaz bout but only time will tell now. In the meantime I will be waiting for Rockhold v Weidman 2 at UFC 199.

Will UFC 200 Happen?

Will McGregor get his own red panty night?

Is Dana White successfully playing the Game of Thrones?

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