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Ryan Matsunaga

Well, it's been quite a week for Conor McGregor, hasn't it?

Out of nowhere on Tuesday, McGregor announced that he was retiring on Twitter, sending the MMA community into a frenzy. Then, two days later, he revealed that he wasn't actually leaving the sport. Instead, this was all an orchestrated PR move on his part, to prove a point to the UFC.

Apparently, McGregor had been asked to do a massive world promotion tour, stopping over in multiple cities, shooting commercials, and doing press conferences, to hype his upcoming rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 200. McGregor told the UFC that he didn't want to, as he wanted to focus on his training.

The two parties went back and forth, and after failing to reach a compromise, McGregor was removed from the UFC 200 card.

That is, until tonight...

Again, with almost no warning, Conor McGregor has announced on Twitter that he will appear at UFC 200 after all. No word yet on what sort of deal has been struck.

It's certainly been a dramatic week, but hopefully everyone, McGregor and the UFC included, can get back to preparing for UFC 200.


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