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Ryan Matsunaga

Going into UFC 197, Demetrious Johnson was the undisputed king of the flyweight division. He was the first ever UFC champion in the division, claiming the title in 2012 against Joseph Benavidez. In the years that followed, he has not lost it once, defending the belt seven times in a row.

Henry Cejudo meanwhile was one of the fastest rising prospects in MMA. An olympic gold medalist has won ten in a row since his MMA debut in 2013, including four in the UFC.

That wrestling pedigree didn't help Cejudo much in his first title fight though, as Mighty Mouse controlled the clinch to land some huge shots that ended the fight in the first round.

You can read our full play-by-play here.

Demetrious Johnson is now 23-2 in his MMA career.


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