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Ryan Matsunaga

Former Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson joined up with Bellator earlier this year, reportedly receiving a much more generous contract than his previous UFC one.

He was given an immediate title shot in his Bellator debut, going up against Welterweight Champion Andrey Koreshkov. Henderson was a huge favorite going into the fight, and many wondered if Koreshkov was even prepared to face such a big jump in competition.

Well, after last night, I think the Russian has silenced his detractors. Koreshkov dominated Henderson from start to finish, winning all five rounds en route to a unanimous decision. Henderson proved his toughness, eating huge shots from his opponent, but was clearly unprepared for the takedown defense and striking power of Koreshkov.

You can check out some of the fight's biggest moments below:

We're going to need to see that spinning hook kick one more time...


Koreshkov is now 19–1 in his professional MMA career, and extends his win streak to six.


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