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It seems as if B.J. Penn is done with retirement. Unfortunately, he's not quite done with his legal issues.

Back in February, a former writer for took to Twitter and accused the UFC legend of sexually assaulting his girlfriend. At the time, an incident report was filed in Delaware County, Ohio, where the alleged victim lives. Once that report was was leaked online, the UFC released the following statement:

UFC is aware of the recent allegations made against BJ Penn. The organization requires all athletes who compete in the UFC to act in an ethical and responsible manner, as detailed in the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy.

Although the police report was filed in February, It has finally reached the Hawaii Police Department (Hilo), which is the jurisdiction that Penn currently lives in and where the incident allegedly took place. The Hilo PD received a hard copy of the report last week as confirmed by Hilo PD public information officer Chris Loos.

Upon receiving this report, the Hilo is officially opening a second-degree sexual assault investigation. Loos confirmed to MMA Fighting on Monday that the investigation has been opened, but could not confirm or deny any of the individuals involved. Other "sources" confirmed that Penn is the subject of the investigation.

In the report filed with the Delaware County Sheriff's office on February 16, the victim states that she had been sexually assaulted in Hawaii. The alleged victim was omitted by MMA Fighting at the time of reporting the story.

It was that same week that former writer, Pedro Carrasco, took to Twitter and outed Penn as the alleged person in question. He also accuses the former champ as being a drug addict.

"Tired of seeing this pervert BJ Penn in the news," Carrasco Tweeted. "Dude's a cocaine addict, who sexually assaulted my Playboy model gf, and I have proof."

Several other individuals came out in response stating that they had several "similar experiences," but refused to elaborate publicly.

There's no status on the investigation or whether or not charges will be filed. As for Penn's "hiatus" with the UFC, well it seems as if UFC president Dana White is putting that on hold.

Obviously, the news of the open investigation occurred after White tweeted the announcement. There has been no word from the UFC as to whether they will continue to support Penn while he's being investigated.



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