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Ryan Matsunaga

According to UFC president Dana White, McGregor vs. Diaz II is absolutely, 100% not happening.

At the UFC 200 press conference today, White was unequivocal in his responses to media questions. According to him, there's simply no chance that this match-up can be salvaged.

He explained:

“Listen, I just don’t see how that’s fair. [Nate Diaz] came in from Stockton a few days ago, Poland, Brazil, and the list goes on and on where these people have come from all over the world.
I get it, it’s tough when you have to leave everything you got going. The fight’s three months away. The fight’s still three months away. That’s why we do it this early, so that we try not to interfere with their training, their lives, and everything else. It’s just part of the deal. These guys came.
You think I don't want Conor to fight? Of course, I do. It's just not right."

"We gave Conor every opportunity in the world to get here," White added.

So, it's dead...

Or is it?

Dana White also said that, "Nate Diaz wants to fight at UFC 200 and he will fight at UFC 200."

However, just moments later, Diaz himself said that he has no interest at all in fighting anyone but Conor McGregor.

So which is it? The UFC seems to think that Nate Diaz will still appear at UFC 200... but Nate Diaz didn't budge an inch on his stance that it's McGregor or nothing.

Something tells me this story is far from finished.


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