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Ryan Matsunaga

Earlier this morning, Conor McGregor finally broke his silence, and explained what the heck his retirement tweet meant. It was a lengthy message, so if you'd like to read it in full, we've posted it over here.

In short though, McGregor is apparently so deeply obsessed with this rematch with Nate Diaz, that he did not want to take time away from his training to do the UFC 200 press tour. The UFC reportedly wanted to do another world tour event, like they had done with McGregor vs. Aldo, stopping in several cities across the world to hype up the milestone event.

McGregor though, did not believe he should have to participate, as he believes he's paid to fight, not to promote.

According to a report from TMZ Sports, the UFC really wanted to make this work, and was apparently willing to jump through some insane hoops to assuage McGregor's doubts.

This included flying McGregor out on a private jet, while shipping literally every single piece of his gym equipment to each destination. Then before he arrived at a stop, they would set up a gym for him that would be identical to the one he is currently training at in Iceland.

Unfortunately for both parties, McGregor still did not want to lose the training time it would take to fly to each location, then also appear at the press conferences, video shoots, and photo opps.

For now, despite McGregor saying that he's still willing to fight at UFC 200, it looks more and more likely that he will not be appearing at the event, leaving his future in the sport uncertain.


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