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It seems we might be THAT much closer to seeing Georges St-Pierre return to the Octagon. It appears the UFC is looking for potential opponents for the Canadian legend.

According to top lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov, the UFC contacted him to ask if he was interested in fighting the former welterweight champion at UFC 200. That show is currently in need of a main event, following Conor McGregor's abrupt departure earlier this week.

The UFC lightweight made the statement during a live interview on Match TV.

Yesterday the UFC called me with a proposal to hold the main bout of the evening against Nate Diaz, or against Georges St-Pierre. They hope that I will take the fight. But it is four days after the month of Ramadan, and it would be hard physically to fight five rounds. I'll be back in September and October.

This year, Ramadan (which involves fasting during the day) will start June 6 and end on July 5, although the dates vary depending on the country. UFC 200 is set for July 9 and there's no way Nurmagomedov, a devout Muslim, will be able to get himself in shape in time for the event. Especially when he would be stepping in the Octagon to square off against the former champion of a higher division.

The rumors around GSP returning have been swelling in the past few months. There have been several positive signs that a return could finally be happening: GSP has been giving more MMA interviews and has stated that his management team and the UFC are in negotiations.

If Nurmagomedov's statements are true, it seems as if the UFC and GSP's team have made progress in those negotiations.

UFC 200 will be a historic event for the sport and take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 9 and now with Conor McGregor being pulled from the event, it's a perfect time for Georges St-Pierre to finally stop the teasing and return to the cage.



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