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Ryan Matsunaga

Rin Nakai has ended her relatively short and uneventful run in the UFC. After dropping a two decision losses in a row to Leslie Smith and Miesha Tate, Nakai has decided to change both her weight class, and promotion.

She'll be dropping down to flyweight for the July 24 Pancrase show, with an opponent to be decided on soon. The event will be streamed on UFC Fight Pass.

Nakai had a lot of hype going into her UFC debut in 2014. Save for one draw, she had won her first 16 fights in a row, eight of which took place under the Pancrase banner.

Outside of her fighting career, she is also a bit infamous for posting bizarre videos of herself in skimpy (and often downright strange) outfits, some of which she has even worn to weigh-ins.

Yeah, she's a bit of a weird one.


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