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What a week it's been so far. While we still have no idea if Conor McGregor is actually retired or not, we do know what the UFC's official stance on this is: McGregor will not be appearing at UFC 200 this July.

During an appearance on FS1 today, UFC president Dana White clarified the reason why.

"Conor basically said that he, he didn’t want to come to Las Vegas," White said to host Colin Cowherd. "We had a tour planned. We were going to start in Vegas. We were going to then go to Stockton, and then New York. And then he could go back... to Iceland, where he is right now."

"And he said, ‘I don’t want to do it. I’m not going to come.’ And I was basically saying, ‘You have to come.’ You can’t not show up to promote your fight."

White added though that he is still on good terms (somehow) with McGregor and his camp.

"It never got combative, and I was talking to his manager," White said. "They were asking to move all this stuff to May, and you can’t move this. This stuff is in motion."

"Everyone likes to talk about how I coddle Conor, and I baby Conor, and Conor can do whatever he wants and all this stuff. No, no you can’t. We do give Conor a lot of leeway because Conor delivers. He wasn’t planning on delivering this weekend and I had to pull him. That’s what had to be done."

"Our relationship isn’t damaged at all," he added. "I’m not even mad a little bit. I had pretty smooth day…. When Conor went out, 10 other people called asking to go in. It’s going to be a massive event. It’s still a big fight. No, I’m not mad at all."

All of that being said... Dana White is still put Conor McGregor back on the UFC 200 card.

"If he called me after this interview, we would probably still do it," he said.

"The problem with this whole thing is you have to be here to promote your fight and you have to shoot this commercial. We’re spending $10 million in promotion for UFC 200, and all that money is motion. You can’t do this. I don’t care who you are, or how big you are, you can’t do this."


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