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Ryan Matsunaga

Dana White is in full damage control mode right now, as the UFC tries to figure out a way to deal with Conor McGregor's sudden retirement announcement.

The UFC president recently appeared on FS1 to discuss the situation, following an official statement yesterday that McGregor had been removed from the UFC 200 card.

On The Herd with Colin Cowherd, White said that in short, McGregor refused to participate in the UFC 200 press tour.

"Conor basically said he didn't want to come to Vegas," White said (as transcribed by MMA Fighting). The tour was Vegas, Stockton, and New York.. He said he didn't want to do it."

"You can't make everyone happy. One thing no one is exempt from is promoting their fights," he added.

When asked if the UFC's relationship with McGregor had been severed, White said that they are still on the same level with each other.

"Our relationship isn't damaged at all... His fight isn't for three months" he said. "It never got combative, and I was talking to his manager."

He then expanded that it was not a "salary issue," but then seemed to contradict himself by mentioning that, "Conor was making a lot of money for this fight."

On whether or not McGregor was actually retiring, White said that he did not believe this was the case. That being said, officially, he's not going to appear at UFC 200.

"Conor wasn't planning on delivering this weekend and I had to pull him. It's what had to be done," he concluded.


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