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Georges St-Pierre isn't concerned with collecting titles any more. With a "been there, done that" attitude, the former champ told Ariel Helwani on Monday's MMA Hour what he really wants: the biggest fights.

The Canadian superstar admitted that having a belt doesn't really mean much. In fact, GSP went as far as to say that having the belt doesn't even mean necessarily, that you're the best:

I'm gonna tell you something. The belt is the title and maybe I shouldn't say that. Maybe my manager will be angry. [Jokingly] Yes, the belt means a lot.

But there's more than just a piece of metal around your waist. In fact, according to GSP, that really all it is.

I would rather be known as the best ever than holding the belt. If you're the best and even if you don't have the belt and you're the best, it's more gratifying. The belt is a material thing. It's good. I won it a few times. But I want to fight the best, the biggest name.

Only 34, GSP has been spending months teasing on whether he'd come back to the UFC, and it actually does seem like things are progressing. Recently, he spoke to the media, telling them that his management team was "in negotiations" with the UFC.

One of the hold ups though was the UFC's new deal with Reebok, a deal that wasn't in place when GSP left the Octagon in 2013.

It was after his fight with Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 that he walked away from MMA. A few weeks after his win, GSP officially rescinded the title.

Now, the idea of him returning is looking less like a fantasy and more of a reality. If that happens though, it's not like GSP will just jump in the welterweight pack. He is, after all, a star; a star that holds a lot of weight with fans.

It's that fact that makes GSP want to go big or go home:

With all the build up that has been surrounding his return, it's safe to say that whatever GSP decides to do, it's definitely going to be huge news. Now that it seems like Nate Diaz might need a new opponent at UFC 200, maybe we'll finally see GSP return to the Ocatgon for what would definitely be a "big fight."



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