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Ryan Matsunaga

It's a testament to Conor McGregor's star power right now that he's apparently retired, but still the center of attention in the MMA community. In the hours that followed that infamous Twitter retirement message, speculation has run rampant about what was behind this seemingly rash decision.

Sports journalist Charly Arnolt (of The BOB & TOM Show) has apparently found a source close to McGregor willing to speak anonymously on the issue.

According to that individual (bear in mind, this should be treated as a rumor until we hear it from McGregor himself), this "retirement" is in fact over money... a lot of money to be more specific. Conor McGregor reportedly wanted a bigger slice of UFC 200, upwards of $10 million. This amount far surpasses anything any UFC fighter has ever earned for a single fight, and the promotion balked at this request. McGregor held his ground though, and when the UFC refused to give in, he called it quits.

If (and it's a big 'if') that's true, then this "retirement" might just be a power play, meant to coax the UFC into meeting his demands. If they don't, he stays retired, or in the UFC's worst case scenario, maybe even goes to work for a competitor.

In any case, the UFC is now officially scrambling to replace McGregor's fight at UFC 200. Until we hear differently, McGregor is no longer scheduled to appear at that event, or any UFC event in the future for that matter.

We'll keep you posted as the situation develops.


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