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Yesterday a bombshell was dropped on the UFC and its fans. All of a sudden, the "Notorious" Conor McGregor announced that he was retiring via a tweet of all things. Sending the internet into overdrive, no one knew if McGregor was merely trolling or if he was actually done with MMA

Unfortunately, our worst fears have seemingly been confirmed by multiple sources. Dana White announced that the featherweight had been pulled from UFC 200, Coach Kavanagh tweeted what looked like a confirmation of his own, and finally McGregor's own father confirmed the news.

Of course, being one of the most bankable stars in the world right now, it's highly unlikely that Conor McGregor will just slip into anonymity. With Hollywood already courting his attention, the opportunities that now lie before McGregor are seemingly endless.

Following his tweet, fellow Irish athlete and WWE superstar Becky Lynch reached out to Mystic Mac with an offer that raised many an eyebrow.

Following this, McGregor then went on to follow a lot of the big names within the organisation. Namely, Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, EVP Talent, Live Events & Creative director Triple H, and the one and only Shane O'Mac.

The demand for Conor McGregor in the WWE is already there. The MMA superstar sent Twitter into meltdown when he hinted at a possible appearance at Wrestlemania. Ultimately "Notorious" didn't show up, but he made his point that he was already endorsed by the WWE fan universe.

It's not out of the realms of possibility for the (potentially) former UFC star to join the WWE roster. Back in 1997, none other than UFC veteran Ken Shamrock made his debut in the WWF. Billed as the 'Worlds Most Dangerous Man', Shamrock was able to take his MMA personality over to the world of professional wrestling with ease. Something that would definitely attract Conor McGregor.

Ken Shamrock & The Rock in the WWF
Ken Shamrock & The Rock in the WWF

Although now in a more child friendly era of entertainment, it's easy to see that the WWE is in need of a new big name. After the lackluster finale to Wrestlemania 31, with Roman Reigns being booed by the crowd, perhaps what the organisation really needs is another spark like Stone Cold Steve Austin provided when he ushered in the infamous Attitude Era.

Who better in the world right now, to light that fuse than Conor Mcgregor?


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