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Ryan Matsunaga

Conor McGregor's supposed "retirement" is still sending shockwaves through the MMA community. Aside from the fact that he is (was?) the reigning Featherweight Champion, he was also set to headline UFC 200 in July.

That leaves the UFC without the primary draw on the card, for an event they're billing as their biggest of all time.

There are replacements that could be made of course. Robbie Lawler could be called in for a welterweight title fight. We could throw on another of top-10 contender match-ups. But realistically, not a lot could even come close to matching the hype surrounding McGregor vs. Diaz II.... that is, unless your initials happen to be R.R.

According to businessman/occasional inside source on MMA @FrontRowBrian, none other than former batamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey has been approached to step in at UFC 200.

He tweeted the news that Rousey had apparently flown in to San Fransisco to discuss... something with UFC brass.

The most exciting bit of this report is of course Rousey coach's, Edmund Tarverdyan's reply.

What could this exciting news be? A rematch with Holly Holm at UFC 200? After this week's McGregor meltdown... that's not seeming quite so far-fetched anymore.


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