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Ryan Matsunaga

Earlier today, Conor McGregor maxed out his McGregor Meter™ by tweeting an apparent retirement announcement, completely out of nowhere. Of course, as probably he intended, we've been doing nothing but speculating on his future in the sport since then.

Now, with no follow-up or clarification from the man himself, those in the MMA community have begun putting their takes on Twitter.

Nate Diaz's is probably the most important reaction, given he was supposed to fight McGregor at UFC 200. He tweeted his own retirement announcement, although it's unclear if he was kidding or not.

McGregor's former opponent Jose Aldo had a much more succinct response.

And seems to be on the same page as Rafael dos Anjos, who McGregor was originally slated to face at UFC 196.

UFC bantamweight Aljamain Sterling injected some humor into the situation, but was ultimately supportive.

CM Punk meanwhile had a pretty good joke of his own.

"Cowboy" was decidedly less humorous.

Cerrone also threw his hat in the ring to replace Conor McGregor at UFC 200, but considering he has a fight in June, that seems unlikely.

Finally, "The Immortal" Matt Brown doesn't think McGregor is anywhere close to retired.

The "Warmaster" is on the same page.

Some were angry.

And others seemed genuinely impressed with his moxie.

Meanwhile, Derrick Lewis was busy tweeting... whatever this is.

While a whole laundry list of fighters offered to replace the match-up at UFC 200.

But I think Tom Lawlor's offer takes the cake.


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