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When it comes to Georges St-Pierre, there's only one question on people's minds: will he or won't he make a return to the Octagon?

For months he's been teasing with hints and vague answers to questions, but this week, we heard his most straightforward response yet. While being interviewed on The MMA Hour, St-Pierre didn't announce any firm plans, but did say that his management team and the UFC are in negotiations.

He is interested in fighting again. There are however, a couple of factors in the way.

As of right now, there are two major sticking points that are impeding GSP from signing a new contract. The first is whether he's physically capable. St-Pierre suffered from a rotator cuff injury and he won't be sure he can compete until he goes through rigorous MMA training:

There's a lot of things to consider. ... First, I had a little injury for the last few weeks that was bugging me, my shoulder, like my rotator cuff. ... I was supposed to do my training camp to test myself to see how I feel and if I want to go, to get through it to see if I can keep competing after that. I was not able to do it because I got a little injury that was bothering me. ... Now this thing is out of the way, now I am doing a training to see if I feel good, and if I feel good then I will give the thumbs up to my management ... to really talk to UFC more seriously.

The other factor holding up his return has to do with rearranging his contract now that the UFC has a new deal with Reebok. When GSP last fought, Reebok had not been the exclusive sponsor of the UFC. Now, he wouldn't be able to wear any of his sponsors' gear and logos that he still has contracts with:

There are other issues, too... One of the main issues also is that when I was on contract back in the day, the Reebok deal wasn't in place. So now because of the Reebok deal it changed a lot of things in my contract. We need to renegotiate maybe a new contract because I am not allowed to wear my sponsors anymore and I lose money. It depends how it's gonna go down with UFC with the whole contract and we will see what happens.

There have been rumors that he was offered a fight with Robbie Lawler at UFC 200, but he replied that he couldn't comment on that.

It seems St-Pierre is that much closer to getting back in the ring, but given the past few months, perhaps we shouldn't hold their breaths.



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