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Shinya Aoki has a reputation for being a pretty acerbic character, but this incident might just take the cake.

In December, Rizin FF (a Japanese organization more or less promoting itself as the "return of PRIDE") brought Aoki onto their roster to fight Kazushi Sakuraba in the main event of their debut show. Aoki dominated the fight from start to finish, handing Sakuraba a TKO defeat after his corner threw in the towel.

At Rizin's most recent event this past weekend, it was announced that Aoki would fighting for them again at their next show, and he was asked to enter the ring to talk up the fight.

Instead though, Aoki took the mic and basically trashed the entire organization. Translation via Sherdog:

[Fighting for you guys at the] next event? (laughter). No I haven't heard or agreed to anything about that. Its really uncool that you guys sprung this on me.
Just to give a comment about the fights so far.. its really lackluster. Any promotion where some Olympic medalist (referring to the Yoshida Saori who was the guest commentator) gets the most publicity is really mediocre. I have no intentions of fighting for such a mediocre promotion, so I'll be back when you guys get your stuff together. Good bye.

Wow, that's cold.

It didn't end there though. Later that night, former UFC fighter Daron Cruickshank won his match-up against Shinji Sasaki via KO. Cruickshank then called out Aoki, only to have Aoki throw a water bottle at him and respond with a slam on Rizin president Nobuyuki Sakakibara:

[Sakakibara], can you really afford to pay me a hundred, two hundred million? You know I don't fight for cheap.

I highly doubt Aoki is earning anywhere near a hundred million per fight, but point taken.

The best/worst part of the whole thing? That water bottle Aoki threw somehow managed to smack UFC fighter Tatsuya Kawajiri right in the eye... so maybe there's a grudge match to be made there?


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