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Ryan Matsunaga

There aren't many females in the heavier weight classes in pro MMA, so seeing them battle on the big stage is a pretty rare occasion. Considering how long it took the UFC to put Bantamweight and Strawweight rosters together, it seems pretty unlikely that we'll be seeing a 200 lbs.+ division in that promotion anytime soon.

Japan's Rizin Fighting Federation, however, is a little less... organized, allowing them to put on match-up's like this past weekend's Gabi Garcia vs. Anna Malyukova.

The two women (fighting at Light Heavyweight for this bout), each held undefeated, albeit short, professional records of 1-0. Garcia however is a six-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion and ADCC gold medalist. The 26-year-old Anna Malyukova meanwhile is a relative newcomer to the scene, although her camp has stated that she's won the "Russian MMA Championship" and the "World Cup of MMA," two amateur events we are not particularly familiar with.

Their fight got off to a pretty terrible start, with Malyukova starting the bout with a yellow card already, having attempted to enter the ring greased up. That strategy definitely didn't pay off, and she quickly found herself mounted. The second round played out much the same, with Garcia managing to snag an armbar for a pretty decisive victory.

Check it out below:


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