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Stephen Adamson

Hong Man Choi is a monster of a man. Standing 7'2" tall, and weighing in at around 310 lbs, the "Korean Colossus" is an apt nickname. That being said, his fight career so far has been less than remarkable. In the ten years he's been active, he's amassed a fairly unimpressive 4-4 record (although to his credit, two of those were against Fedor and Cro Cop).

In recent years, Choi is known more as a spectacle booking rather than a serious fighter, and in that regard, his latest fight ended very appropriately.

He took on a man named Aorigele as part of ROAD FC's Openweight Tournament, and well, see for yourself:

While the two were grappling, Aorigele appeared to just fall down of his own accord. It doesn't look like he was struck or choked, it was as if his legs just magically gave way.

Lying on the floor, Hong-Man Choi laid into him with punches to the head and body before he was declared the winner.

We're still not entirely sure what happened there, but one fan has a theory.



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