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UFC Light Heavyweight Glover Teixeira recently chatted with Ariel Helwani. During the interview, the conversation turned to Teixeira's close friend Lyoto Machida, who last week admitted to taking a banned substance. Machida was subsequently removed from his scheduled match-up with Dan Henderson.

Despite his friendship with Machida though, Teixeira stated that he "loves" the USADA, and supports their activities:

I love the USADA. When USADA comes and, you know, before you sign I was tested seven times. Then you sign and USADA tested five, maybe six times, something like that, and I love that, because I don't take any stuff.

However, he does not believe the "rules" are 100% fair to the fighters. To put it simply, they're a bit confusing:

What happened with Lyoto is kind of upsetting me because he buying stuff over the counter and now? Who knows? You buy stuff over the counter. You want to take a, like yesterday I wanted to take an NyQuil, but I didn't! Because uh, I read the book and there's nothing they say about an NyQuil. They say all the scientific names that I don't know. You know? It becomes closer to a fight you don't want to be reading like, they have twenty-five pages to read, you know because I want to take one little (hold his hand up to imitate a pill)

According to Teixeira, if a fighter is dealing with any kind of physical pain, it's better to take nothing and fight through it, rather than risk their career.

So if you have a headache, just keep going on and hope to not have a headache, you know?

And as for his friend Lyoto?

He's devastated with the situation.

Glover Teixeira defeated Rashad Evans at UFC 19 on Fox this past weekend. Following the fight, he called out #2-ranked LHW Anthony "Rumble" Johnson.


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