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UFC light heavyweight fighter, Rashad Evans, spoke to Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting on Thursday and was asked about several topics including being passed up to step in for Daniel Cormier against Jon Jones at UFC 197.

That would have been a great fight to get. That would have been a fun fight to have just because you know the first time we fought it was all about the backstory and everything else like that, but that would have came so fast that there would be no time to have any kind of emotion to be connected to it.


The two light heavyweights paired off against one another back in 2012 at UFC 145 as the main event, in what was being heralded as "the most anticipated light heavyweight bout since Chuck Lidell and Tito Ortiz." At that point, Jones had already defended his title twice and Evans was coming off a wins against Tito Ortiz and Phil Davis. Evans took Jones the distance, but after all five rounds, the judges came back with a unanimous decision in favor of Jones.

I feel like the first time we fought, I wasted so much energy talking about story and stuff like that and it actually became therapeutic to talk about story over and over again, that by the time we came to the fight it was like such a relief to finally get it over with.

This time around, Evans stated that things would have been a little less about the "story" and more about what happens in the Octagon.

If I would have gotten the chance to fight him this time, it would had been purely just about myself having fun.

Unfortunately for Evans, things just didn't line up in his favor for a rematch against Jones.

Just the timing didn't work, you know, I'm scheduled with this fight and they were looking at OSP and OSP is in a better position, um, the fact he's ranked higher, you know, and whatever else, so. It is what it is.

Evans was then asked about the news of Lyoto Machida admit too knowingly taking a "banned substance." Evans chalks it up to poor fighter education.

You know, I heard about it just kinda unfortunate you know what I'm saying, I don't think he was really trying to pull a fast one or do anything kinda crazy. I just think that when it comes to education and educating yourself about you know, the fighters on what they can or can't take.

In the end, Evans doesn't think Machida would ever do anything "shady" to get the upper hand in a fight.

It's gonna be a tough process. Because for so long we've dealt, you know one way. But it's just, You know, educate yourself on what you can and can't take and stuff like that. It's too bad you know, because I believe that he wasn't trying to do nothing shady.

Rashad Evans will face Glover Teixeira at UFC 19 on Fox in the main event this Saturday.



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