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With the 20-year ban on MMA finally lifted in New York, the UFC has already announced that UFC 205 will take place at the legendary Madison Square Garden in November. And a few months ago, UFC president Dana White claimed that former champ Ronda Rousey was scoping out "sometime in November or December" for her big comeback fight.


Apparently not. Rousey spoke to after the ceremony celebrating the MMA bill signing. In that conversation, she announced that she's eyeing "The World's Most Famous Arena" to make her return:

"I want a tie to a historical place like this and I want to be remembered in a positive way. ... I would love to have the opportunity to fight here because this is another time I feel like I earned the right to fight here because I fought for it. It wasn't just something that fell on my plate; I was part of the process and I think that's what a lot of the New York fighters will be feeling when they finally get to fight in their hometown."

And she's not the only one that wants a "Rowdy" appearance at MSG in November. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his ringing endorsement for the former UFC women's bantamweight champion to make her return in NYC:

"I'm very excited about the November match here at The Garden. I'm not a promoter, but boy, if Ronda Rousey fought here in November, that would be a hell of an event. I would call in to reserve my seat right now."

Cuomo signed the bill into law lifting the long ban on MMA fighting in New York during a ceremony this past Tuesday. It's a bill that Rousey has been fighting in support of for years.

While nothing has been made official, it's probably a good guess that White was using the "November or December" Rousey return line as a placeholder until UFC 205 could be announced. Now that everything is set in stone, it's probably only a matter of time before we can expect an official announcement.

For the record, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta has already announced that UFC 205 will FOR SURE feature a title fight. Hmmm? What title fight could he be talking about? I'm pretty sure we can all connect the dots on this one.



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