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It's a good thing Ovince Saint Preux turned down Daniel Cormier's offer to help him train for his upcoming UFC 197 fight with Jon Jones. As it turns out, despite his previous comments, DC doesn't actually know how to beat Jones.

Cormier recently spoke to Fox Sports, and admitted that his offer to share his "secret" to beating Jones, was simply work and preparation.

I can't help him beat Jon because I don't know how to beat Jon Jones, I didn't do it. I can only prepare myself as best I can to try and prepare to beat him.
Like I said, I didn't beat him the first time so I don't have some secret serum to give Ovince, but I would try to help him because even by me being there, it bugs him.

Cormier and Jones have been going at each other hard since 2014, hurling insults at one another via social media and at press events. It's no wonder that Cormier would extend an offer to help train Preux "all expenses paid." It's a psychological advantage over Jones.

Even though they may be bitter rivals, Cormier is not clueless as to who Jones is to the sport. Despite being inactive due to suspension, the former light heavyweight champ recently reclaimed the number one spot on the pound-for-pound list.

Some have taken issue with that update, including fighters like Conor McGregor, but Cormier can't dispute the facts:

I never downplay what Jones is to this sport and what he's been to this sport. As a competitor I have to be honest with myself, this is a tough one for Ovince. He's obviously a big, long guy that could cause some issues for most people, but Jon is who he is for a reason.

In a rare moment, Cormier continued with the praise for Jones as a fighter:

He's the greatest fighter to ever put on a pair of gloves. This one is tough for Ovince to get done. This will be a very, very difficult task for him.



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