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That's how much money Conor McGregor makes every second he's in the ring. The only athlete ahead of him is (no surprise), Floyd Mayweather, who clocks in at $65,972 per second of competition.

Granted, when it comes to total amount of money made, McGregor is a ways down the list, only bringing in roughly $13.5 million to date. However, that might change after his latest contract is factored in, which is set to push him over $100 million. That still pales in comparison to Mayweather's $285 million, but, the gap is closing.

Factoring in the fact that McGregor is the first UFC fighter to bring home a million dollar purse for LOSING (a defeat at the hands of Nate Diaz at UFC 196), and it's no wonder why he's near the top of the list.

What's also interesting is the actual number of seconds it has taken to make that $13.5 million.

For McGregor, it's only taken 424 seconds in the Octagon, just a tiny fraction when compared to Mayweather's 4320 seconds in the ring.

That being said, when it comes to endorsements, no one has a case against the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. He's only spent 159 seconds in active competition, but brings in an incredible $132,075 for every single one of those.

As for the women, Ronda Rousey comes in at number one across all sports, averaging $28,037.39 per second, with only having to "work" a total of 107 seconds. Second on the list is Danica Patrick at $80.09 a second for a total of 98637 seconds. After all, she IS in a car for long stretches at a time.

What's interesting about both lists though, is that every woman on their list has catapulted their sports into the mainstream. Rousey has done some truly amazing things for the world of MMA, as has Danica Patrick for auto racing. Yet, they still get paid less, at least for now.

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And for the female athletes:


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