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Rose Namajunas is set to fight Tecia Torres at UFC Fight Night in Tampa, but by the sound of it, she's not overly thrilled about it.

It's no secret that Namajunas is angling for a title shot, but instead of getting a crack at Joanna Jedrzejczyk, she'll instead be fighting the #4 in the division. That's not a bad match-up on paper, but according to Namajunas, it's simply not a fight she's at all excited about.

Here's what she had to say to FOX Sports:

I'd rather fight the champ but I understand that I'd probably have to fight Tecia either way if I was the champ because she'd be climbing up the ranks eventually or just fight her right now. But initially it wasn't a matchup I was super excited about just because she's not the most exciting fighter, but I'm excited to face any challenge so in that sense it's exciting.

Namajunas sees Torres as a very talented competitor, but she just doesn't enjoy the way she approaches her fights, or how she tries to win them.

"It's not that I'm not a fan of her at all," Namajunas explained. "She's had some moments, but I respect more of the kill or be killed type of mentality. I appreciate the ability to use strategy and use martial arts as a self-defense tactic that Tecia uses as well. There's skill in that so you've got to be able to appreciate it.

"Is it as exciting? No, I'd probably rather watch Dada 5000 and Kimbo Slice fight, but at the end of the day I can appreciate both."

Regardless, Namajunas is fairly certain she'll emerge victorious.

"I absolutely feel like I'm going to dominate this fight. I feel like I'm going to finish this fight but if it so happens to go that route, I'll be dominating every second of the fight," she said.

"Just because Tecia is hard to finish, she does go to decision a lot so that will mean something to a lot of people. To me, it's another stepping stone to where I want to be and that's the belt. I'm more than happy to face this challenge and to get through it."

All I know is, comparing how Torres fights to Dada 5000 vs Kimbo Slice is cold-blooded... for both parties. It's simply unfair to remind us of the ridiculous event that is Bellator 149, and also to associate a top-ranked contender like Tecia Torres with it.


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