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Holly Holm recently appeared on The MMA Hour, and had some important insights regarding women's bantamweight champion Miesha Tate, the disappointment of losing the belt, and the possibility of a Ronda Rousey rematch that I think we all want to see.

I mean, sure, that fight would've been bigger if Holm still held the belt, but you have to think that the UFC wants it to happen regardless. Whether or not that's before or after Holm gets another crack at Tate is up for debate.

In her chat with Ariel Helwani, Holm seems to be wondering where she fits in the UFC puzzle now that she's not as marketable... no longer the champ. No one is sure who wanted Nunes rather than a Holm rematch at UFC 200, but that's the fight we're going to get. In the meantime, Holm says she feels left out.

And that could leave Holm right back where this rollercoaster started: against Ronda Rousey. "The Preacher's Daughter" told Helwani that she would not be surprised if the UFC waited to book her again until Rousey's comeback in November or December.

"It's very possible," Holm said. "I don't know what their real thinking is, but they're obviously a successful business for a reason. They're a successful promotion. They usually have their reasons behind everything."

Holm doesn't seem to care who she fights. She just wants to get back in there. That's the sign of a true fighter.

"I'll be ready either way," Holm said. "If I rematch with Ronda, I'm gonna train my butt off. If I rematch with Tate, I'm gonna train my butt off. If they give me one of the other top girls in the meantime, I'm gonna train my butt off.

"I feel like at this point, not having the rematch, which is what I really wanted, I kind of just changed my train of thought to just be open to whatever. I don't want to be so focused on that that if something else comes my way that I don't take advantage of the opportunity."

If Tate does beat Nunes, she probably wouldn't be ready to fight again until the fall at the earliest. Rousey will be back relatively around the same time. Holm doesn't want to wait, but at this point she's resigned herself to it.

Frankly, a Holm-Rousey rematch is still one of the biggest fights the UFC can do -- maybe the biggest? -- even if there's no title in play.

"Who knows?" Holm said. "Maybe they'll put Ronda and I together and the winner of that goes for the belt."

That very well could be the UFC's current plan. Cat Zingano and Julianna Pena will fight at UFC 200 and the winner of that matchup would also have a case for a title shot against the Tate-Nunes winner. Things have heated up in the women's bantamweight division in Rousey's absence and her return will only push things to a boil.

Maybe the UFC will get Holm vs. Rousey 2 this year after all.

"And that could be it," Holm said. "They could be waiting for that."

I guess we'll see what happens.

(Via: MMAFighting)


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