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It's possible that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir might be at the end of his career and, if so, it might not be the end that he was hoping for.

After UFC Fight Night 85, Mir was notified by USADA that he failed his initial drug test. Mir lost to Mark Hunt in a knockout.

On his Phone Booth Fighting podcast, Mir discussed getting the call from the USADA:

The individual identified themselves as USADA, they were in town and they need to see me. I had a couple shots, I was like, ‘Ok, I’m assuming it’s a drug test. Just warning you it’s out of competition, but I’m a little lit. You’re going to deal with me and the wife is driving now. I’m not really in full control of my facilities. I had a good time and had a couple shots.’
We go over to Cesar’s (Palace), kind of a nearby place since they had just gotten to the strip. We went and ate at Carmine’s and I was sitting there waiting for the phone call and when they called me, I was like, ‘Ok, the bathroom is around the corner.’ And they said, ‘No, no. We’re not here to drug test you.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, what are you here for?’

That's when Mir was told the news that might force him into an early retirement:

They were like, ‘You had a substance in your urine.’ Yeah, I’m sure I did. I probably had amphetamine because I take Adderall, I have a TUE on file.
They said, ‘No, no. You had that in there, but you’re right, that’s on file. You had an AAS.’ Like, an anabolic steroid. That’s when I looked at him like, ‘What? (Expletive) no.’ I just shook my head.

Right now, Mir has been placed on a provisional suspension until the USADA finishes their investigation.

Should they find that he did indeed fail the drug test, he would be placed on a basic suspension which carries the term of two years. Given the two-time UFC heavyweight champ's age, that would essentially force him into hanging up the fighter's life.

Two year suspension.
And I was supposed to do FOX, the pre-fight and post-fight show this weekend. Once the USADA left my house, about an hour later I even told my wife, ‘Do I go to FOX? What do I do?’ The UFC answered that for me. I got the phone call letting me know that, as long as I’m suspended, I can’t commentate or do any kind of work in that aspect. Basically now, for the next two years.

Mir claims he's innocent and it wouldn't make sense, at this point in his career, to even risk taking steroids:

Again going back to financial advantage, I made the same amount of money in the fight whether I won or lost or how I looked. But I took the risk, I guess is what they’re saying, of trying to take this metabolite or take this substance and now I won’t make any income through martial arts for the next two years. Which, I’m a pretty well-spoken guy, but I don’t have a college education. Me making money in other avenues is not going to be as easy as walking into the octagon.

Fighters can appeal the USADA findings and request to have their "B" sample tested. That's exactly what Mir chose to do, but if his "B" sample comes back with the same results, Mir's career is pretty much over.

Mir is turning 37 next month and a 2 year suspension, at this point, would pretty much end everything for him.

Basically, if the ‘B’ sample comes back and I don’t see any way that I’m going to explain. I know the lawyer and (manager Malki Kawa) are like, ‘We’ve got to figure out everywhere you ate and everything you put in your body for the past six weeks.’ Come on, man. Ask my wife, I’m lucky that I can figure out where the car is in the driveway half the time. There’s no way. I don’t remember. I don’t log things down like that. Half the time I don’t know where I’m going to eat five minutes before I eat. Or we just go back to the same place.
In hindsight maybe that’s not the best idea to frequent the same place four or five times when I’m out of town and set up a pattern. If anybody is out to get you that would not be the way to avoid that problem. And, so, basically this is retirement for me. I don’t see any other way around it.

If this does end Mir's career, he's not entirely sure what he'll be able to do. Options are limited when the only thing on your resume is "fighter."



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