ByRyan Matsunaga, writer at
MMA fan, BJJ enthusiast, and Executive Publisher at Creators Media.
Ryan Matsunaga

These UFC Fight Night cards have come a long way, and tonight's Croatian event was as good a show as any PPV in recent memory.

Here were the event's 9 biggest moments:

9. Mairbek Taisumov and Damir Hadžović swing for the fences!

8. Maryna Moroz nearly has a wardrobe malfunction.

7. One good Superman punch deserves another!

6. The UFC might need a new translator...

5. That's going to hurt tomorrow!

4. Andy Entwistle verbally submits to Alejandro Perez.

3. Can someone please tell Mirko he's on camera?

2. Derrick Lewis brings the heat!

And of course...


That's all for now, see you guys at UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Evans!


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