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Ryan Matsunaga

Tonight at UFN 86, #4-ranked heavyweight Ben Rothwell clashed with #5-ranked Junior dos Santos, in what could potentially catapult either man into range of a title shot.

The fight opened with some heavy exchanges. Rothwell looked to head-hunt with his overhand right, while former HW champ Dos Santos elected to throw some big shots to the body.

In the second, Dos Santos began to take control, utilizing some stellar movement to control the pace, and closing the round with an epic Spartan front kick that sent Rothwell tumbling across the cage.

In Round 3, Rothwell's eye began to visibly swell as Dos Santos continued to put on a beautiful boxing clinic.

Rounds 4 and 5 were more of the same, as Dos Santos began to mix in spinning kicks to control the range, and pepper Rothwell with a non-stop barrage of striking.

While Dos Santos did not claim a KO tonight, he was clearly the dominant fighter in this match-up, winning every single round on the judges' scorecards.

And honestly, just seeing this kick was worth the price of admission:


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