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According to Miesha Tate's manager, Josh Jones, a rematch with Holly Holm was never on the table when Tate sat down with the UFC execs to discuss UFC 200.

A fight with Holly Holm was never discussed when we met with the UFC. We all agreed that Miesha should fight the best available and at this time it's Amanda Nunes, who is currently on a three-fight win streak.

Tate defeated Holm in a fifth round submission, to take the newly crowned title from her at UFC 196. Before the announcement went public, the UFC contacted Holm's manager, Lenny Fresquez, to deliver the news.

Fresquez told MMA Fighting that he got a call from UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and Fertitta told him that it was Tate who made the decision to fight Nunes next. A disappointment to Holm, who has wanted a rematch since the minute she lost at UFC 196.

It was Miesha's decision. It was her decision to fight Nunes. That's what the UFC told me.

According to Fresquez, Holm believes she's earned a rematch given the fact that she was ahead in the fight going into the fifth round. It should be noted that Tate made UFC history as the first fighter to be losing going into the fifth round and come back to pull out a win.

We'd like to see that fight. We were expecting to get the fight. After all the trouble Miesha had getting a title fight, we gave her the opportunity. We feel like she took the easy way out, she took the easier fight.

Tate, on the other hand, had an entirely different story when she spoke to MMAJunkie on Thursday. According to Tate, the UFC brought her the idea of fighting Nunes and she agreed.

They thought that Amanda was the next best girl in line. They were like, ‘Look, you just beat Holly. You finished her.' They didn't feel that it was necessary to have an immediate rematch; it didn't warrant an immediate rematch. It wasn't one of those performances or such a crazy fight that we've got to have an immediate rematch.

Holm's camp and the UFC have clashed before. The UFC wanted Holm to wait for Rousey to return to defend her title, Holm did not. After Holm lost to Tate, UFC president Dana White, criticized Fresquez in the media, blaming him for Holm losing out on the big payday a rematch with Rousey would bring.

With all versions of the story floating around, Fresquez is inclined to believe Fertitta's version and that's Tate's loss.

I take Lorenzo at his word. This is what Tate wanted to do. She said she wants the best fighters, but apparently she doesn't. She's definitely not cut from the same cloth as Holly.

So what's next for Holm? Now that Cris 'Cyborg' Justino is in the UFC, a Holm-Cyborg matchup has been mentioned a lot. To be fair though, a lot of names have been thrown around when it comes to Cyborg. Now that she's in the UFC, it seems Cyborg vs (INSERT NAME HERE) is all most people can talk about.

Of those "fantasy pairings" though, Holm was the only one actually offered a chance at Cyborg at UFC 198. Holm and her team turned down that fight, wanting a title fight instead.

That doesn't mean that Holm wouldn't fight Cyborg, it's definitely on the table for the future, but only as the main draw of an event.

We would be interested in it, but not on an undercard or anything like that. It would need to be in the main event of a pay-per-view or something along those lines. We're only interested in big fights. If they offer us a fight that makes sense, we'll take it.



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