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I don't know how much MMA you watch, but if you're anything like me, there is a desire to see as much as possible. However, it's hardly possible to catch it all.

When it comes to curating the 10 best female MMA submissions of 2015, the folks over at Female MMA Channel have got you covered.

Some of these come from some seriously obscure events.

Check it out below!

10. Angela Lee forces Natalie Gonzales Hills to tap with a twister at One Championship 36

9. Ashley Greenway hits Cheyanne Vlismas with the armlock submission at USFFC 24: Aftershock

8. Lindsey Stevens defeats Kristen Tawney with a triangle choke submission at Prison City Fight League: Conviction

7. Celine Haga gets herself out of a jam and defeats Catherine Costigan with an armbar submission at BAMMA 22

6. Another armbar, this time from Izabela Badurek against Zaira Dyshekova at ACB 13 in Poland

5. This guillotine choke from Jennifer Polisano over Kaitlynn Perkins at Absolute Action 43 gives me a headache just to look at

4. Tiffani Jenkins submits Kimberly West with a rear naked choke at Valor Fights 25: Go For Gold

3. Andrea Lee defeats Ariel Beck with another armbar, this time at UFC 49 — Legacy Fighting Championship 49

2. Incredibly tight armbar courtesy of Ashley Yoder over Misha Nassiri at BAMMA USA — Badbeat 14

1. Flying armbar from Rena Kubota that defeated Jleana Valentino at Rizin FF

What do you think? Did they get it right?

(Via: YouTube - female mma)


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