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Stephen Adamson

Is it just me or are UFC fighters becoming better media trained? More and more they seem to be announcing fights, commenting on them, and doing a lot of the promotional work on their own.

I think it's awesome. And in this case, we have a video of Miesha Tate reacting live to the announcement that she'd be fighting Amanda Nunes at UFC 200.

Take a look and see for yourself her very eloquent thoughts on the fight, slotted for July 9:

Tate and Nunes will fight for the bantamweight belt, as the co-main event at UFC 200.

The new poster is out, and while there is clearly a lot of mutual respect between the two fighters, they both know there will be a lot riding on this fight. It's Tate's first UFC title defense ever, and Nunes has to know that she is jumping the line a bit to get a shot at the current champ.

It will be a big opportunity for both of these athletes to prove themselves on the big stage.


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