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Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones won't have to appear in court again until the afternoon of May 11, which means he can put all of his focus on fighting OSP at UFC 197 on April 23.

Jones plead "not guilty" on all five of his traffic violations, including the one for drag racing, which were issued to him on March 24. Jones was pulled over driving home from dinner, and has unequivocally denied he was doing anything wrong.

During the incident, he had some "choice words" for the officer who issued the tickets. The Albuquerque Police Department subsequently released the body cam footage from the traffic stop, and it showed Jones calling the officer a "pig" and a "f*@king liar." In turn, the officer made no attempt to deescalate the situation by being equally as sarcastic back to Jones.

Due to the traffic stop, a "probation violation" warrant was issued for Jones, who has been on probation since September after pleading "guilty" in his 2015 felony hit-and-run case.

In the initial ruling, the judge in the hit-and-run case warned Jones that his 18 months of probation was conditional and as long as there were no further incidents, his record would be expunged of the felony. Jones was also sentenced to 72 appearances of community service appearances, of which Jones has already made 76.

After spending a couple of nights in the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center, Jones was released with new conditions on his probation. He is required to complete anger management and driver improvement courses. The judge also declared that Jones would not be able to drive without permission from now on, Jones has since hired a full-time driver. Another 60 appearances were also added to his community service.

Jones' attorney, Nancy Hollander, stated at his probation hearing, "We intend to fight these traffic violations. We believe they're bogus. We believe that he was profiled."

For now though, Jones can focus on what's next: Ovince Saint Preux.

The two will face one another at UFC 197 in an interim light heavyweight title fight. Jones was originally set to face his rival, Daniel Cormier, but "DC" had to pull out of the fight this past weekend due to an injured leg.

Jones was the light heavyweight title holder until he was stripped of his belt after last year's felony hit-and-run arrest. DC subsequently won the title and then defended it against Alexander Gustaffson.

UFC 197 will mark Jones' first return to the Octagon since his 2015 arrest.



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