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Everyone was set for Daniel Cormier to get back into the octagon with his arch-nemesis, Jon Jones at UFC 197 later this month. In fact, Jones went to great lengths just to ensure he'd be able to legally get to the fight. Unfortunately, it seems as if all the hype was for nothing.

This past weekend, Cormier had to withdraw from UFC 197 due to a severe leg injury.

In a VERY rare move from Jones, he Tweeted a rather polite "get well" at DC.

Cormier went on to the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani on Monday to discuss his injury and withdrawal, but he also had an interesting offer to the fighter that was set to replace him at UFC 197, Ovince St. Preux: An invitation to join team Cormier in California to train... free of charge, all expenses paid.

That's quite a generous offer from Team DC. Training camps aren't cheap, especially at large, well-known gyms. Add in the airfare and hotel, and DC was easily looking at high five figures. Besides the money, DC also offered to give up his "secret strategy" of how he planned to beat Jones. As they say, you can't put a price on knowledge. You can read all about that offer here.

As big and generous as the offer may have been, it looks as if OSP is choosing to figure things out on his own. He also appeared on the MMA Hour to give his polite response to DC's offer:

Well, actually I was listening to the show when he actually said that. Because he actually... I know Daniel, we talk. Every time I see him we get to talking and stuff. And my manager, they text from time to time... But, it's just one of them situations. Like I said, from day one I've been here with my trainers and stuff. It's one of them things that we talked about, I've been with my camp from day one and I appreciate the invitation and everything, all the hospitality. Even going back to the Strikeforce days with Bob Cook.
Definitely appreciate the invitation, but I think with everything we've got going on over here... My coach came up with a solid game plan and I think we definitely gonna be okay.

UFC 197 will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, April 23, 2016. The headlining event will be between Jon Jones and OSP in an interim light heavyweight title fight.

I guess we'll find out then if OSP will, "be okay."



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