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Nate Diaz recently made an appearance on Chael Sonnen's podcast, "You're Welcome," and one of the things the two fighters chatted about was the fact that Georges St-Pierre was ringside at UFC 196.

Rumors surrounded his appearance, claiming that there was a plan to call out Conor McGregor after the bout, setting up a megafight at UFC 200. Unfortunately for that alleged match-up, McGregor was handedly beaten, burying any opportunity there might have been for GSP to show up with a challenge:

Oh yeah, I f*cked that show up. I put a bigger hole on that shit. What did you guys think, I'm some f*cking game to be played with? I've been on this game for too long to be f*cked with!

He knew what the UFC was up to:

When I left the next day, I knew what was going on. They had GSP there, and want to have this big 'GSP-McGregor show' bullshit, I don't want to even to hear about that.

He was aware that beating McGregor wasn't exactly in everyone's plans and had no issues pissing everyone off.

So now what did I do. Now I pissed off Conor McGregor, I pissed off GSP, and most of all, I pissed off the UFC... but LOL, motherf*ckers!

He also had an opinion on GSP coming out of retirement:

He thought he would come back and make this big old 'Congratulations, Georges St-Pierre is coming back' show, but get the f*ck out of here. You think this kid was coming to beat me. I spoiled your shit. That's what you get, motherf*cker, for trying to steal the show and make this about you. I spoiled everybody's (plans).

GSP has been pretty quiet on his whole "coming out of retirement" thing. Sure, UFC 196 might have been the first time he appeared at an MMA event since leaving the UFC, but GSP claimed he just wanted to see the fights and have a little fun.

Diaz calls B.S. on that:

Georges is full of shit, they're all full of shit. He was like 'that's not what I was there for!'

But what if McGregor would have won the fight against Diaz and entered the ring against GSP?

If McGregor would've won and they put that fight against GSP, everyone would've been saying it's the greatest fight of all time. But it's not... It's ridiculous. It's a freakshow.

Look, Diaz isn't stupid, as much as a freak show as he thinks it'll be, he also realizes that it would sell tickets.

I'd take it because definitely that's going to sell tickets, but Georges, you're not some super f*cking human badass for coming back fighting a rookie ass 20-fight Conor McGregor. You've got all these fights in the UFC, come back and fight on something competitive.

At the end of the day, it's all about the ultimate dollar.

It was just a good business move for everybody's part.

You can listen to the full podcast here.



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