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It was announced over the weekend that UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier would have to drop out of his much anticipated fight with Jon Jones later this month due to an injury.

The fight, that is set to take place on April 23rd in Las Vegas, would have seen the champ take on his longtime rival. Jones hasn't been in the Octagon since having his title stripped in 2015 after pleading guilty to a hit-and-run accident where he caused injury to a pregnant woman.

As a result of Cormier's injury, Jones will now be squaring off against Ovince Saint Preux in an interim title fight.

Apparently wanting to take away as much of a chance of winning from his rival as possible, Daniel Cormier issued an invitation to "OSP" and his team to fly out to California and train with "DC."

The best part? "DC" claims it'll be an all expense-paid trip:

"I think he has a shot, but there's a chance for Ovince to have a better shot, but it's up to him to take it. We will open our doors to him to come and train at the American Kickboxing Academy. I don't care what happens in the future. I can't train Ovince, but I got a guy named Cain Velasquez, I got a guy named Luke Rockhold that can train with him. I got a guy named Chi Lewis-Parry, Frank Munoz -- we have everything in place where he can just take my training camp for the next three weeks.
Take my training camp, we will take care of it, we will fly you and your team out here, we will put him up, give him a place to stay. No one in this gym wants to see Jon Jones not have to fight a tough fight on April 23. From my pocketbook, Jon needs to go out there and win and look great, but we want to give Ovince a chance and every guy on my team are willing to pay a part in that. I'll be one of his coaches.
Listen, no ones wants to fight Jones more than me. So if I can live through Ovince on April 23, I will live through Ovince on April 23. He can take my training camp. I thought we had, finally, the perfect mixture of what we needed for our preparations.
So yes, Ovince can have my training camp, all paid for, right out of my checking account. Ovince, if you want to come to San Jose, bud, you got a team in AKA that is ready to support you."

That'd be difficult to pass up... for anyone.

"OSP" trains out of Knoxville, Tennessee, but it's kind of hard to overlook the offer to get the inside scoop on what DC's game plan was to take down Jones. But what if Cormier ends up facing OSP one day? Not a problem for DC, as he syas has no issues taking on a fighter he helped train.

Funny. Isn't that how his rivalry with Jones started? Maybe DC should rethink his offer. It has not been announced as to whether OSP is taking up the light heavyweight champ's offer.



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