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We've been told for the past few months to expect former UFC women's bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, to return to the octagon "sometime by the end of this year."

Rousey lost her title to Holly Holm last November after she was knocked out by Holm. The loss sent her on a mental downward spiral, admitting that she was "suicidal after the loss." Rousey has spent most of the year hiding in Hollywood.

Rousey has been filming the reboot of Roadhouse, where she will play the female version of Patrick Swayze's Classic badass character, Dalton. After that she plans to film a movie with Tina Fey. It's always been stated that once her Hollywood commitments were over, she'd make her return... Hence the "later this year" part.

UFC President, Dana White, while on TMZ Sports, has made those statements a little clearer.

"I just had dinner with her the other night. She's in a great place mentally, physically, emotionally -- every way you can be good, she's good. She's talking about coming back at the end of this year."

He then added that:

"November or December would be the most realistic timeline."

Ironically, that just so happens to coincide with the UFC's plan to bring MMA fighting to Madison Square Garden now that the ban has been lifted in New York.

What better way for Rousey to return to the UFC than at Madison Square Garden after the sport being illegal in New York for years? Maybe it would be a really good time to pair her up with Cris 'Cyborg' Justino too, you know...just to add to the mania of the whole event.


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