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Injuries are beginning to be a real pain for the UFC when it comes to their 2016 fight schedule. With UFC 200 just around the corner, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have treated the fans to some massive fights leading up to the milestone show.

Unfortunately, not every match-up the promotion has scheduled has gone to plan. Daniel Cormier is the latest fighter to have succumbed to injury, and has been forced to pull out of the highly anticipated UFC 197 card.

The news was first reported by, and later confirmed by FOX Sports.

Rumours started to circulate last week that Daniel Cormier was seen barely able to walk at a wrestling tournament and many started to worry that the champ would have to pull out of his title defence against Jon Jones. Unfortunately for the fans, their apprehension was confirmed tonight.

Credit: Dave Mandel/
Credit: Dave Mandel/

The UFC light heavyweight champion was scheduled to face off against his bitter rival Jon Jones in what was being billed as one of the most anticipated rematches in the promotions history. The media junkets leading up to the fight had seen each fighter viciously attack the other in the press, and it was clear to see that no love is lost between the pair.

The rematch would see Jones potentially regain his light heavyweight belt and a sense of redemption back following his controversial history. The former champ has had numerous run ins with the authorities due to substance abuse and an infamous hit and run. Something DC wasn't about to let him forget.

Cormier has consistently took shots at Jones' past in interviews and press conferences, feeling that Jon 'Bones' Jones is nothing more than a felon. Jones doesn't particularly help himself either, this past week the MMA star was pulled over for allegedly drag racing and took a plea deal in court mere weeks before the fight.

UFC 182, Jones v Cormier
UFC 182, Jones v Cormier

With Cormier out injured, the UFC now faces the dilemma of who to choose to fill the void. Fans have overwhelmingly cried out online for Anthony “Rumble” Johnson to step in and fight Jones for an interim title, with others opting to rebook the fight for UFC 200.

The UFC are yet to make an official statement on the injury, but we can expect that soon.


Should the UFC reschedule the fight for 200?


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