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I promise you that Milla Bizzotto, a 53 pound 9-year old, has done more this morning than you have all week. She recently completed Battlefrog's Xtreme 24-hour race, an extremely long obstacle course created originally for US Navy SEAL training.

Bizzotto shares her accomplishments with the world via her Instagram account.

Bizzotto has also ran Battlefrog's 15k and the Spartan Sprint obstacle race. Next for Milla is the invite-only Athlete's Race in Miami and the Spartan Trifecta in Hawaii. She will partake in those events with her coach/biggest, her father, Christian Bizzotto.

Christian is co-founder of the Focused Movement Academy, the gym where Milla spends most of her days after school, training in. Milla became serious about fitness after being bullied at school. Her training has given her the confidence to move past the schoolyard nonsense.

Miller uses her fitness stardom to head an anti-bullying campaign and is inspiring other kids to do the same. Christian even started an after school program called Spartan Kids, to help children overcome any obstacles they face in their life. He told ABC News that the things learned in training can be applied to almost anything, from school, to home or to work.

Besides taking on bullies, Milla also hopes to inspire people to get off the couch and be active, even if for a little bit a day.

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