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Nate Diaz took a beating in the first round of his first matchup against Conor McGregor. Diaz, against all odds, came back in the second round and submitted McGregor in a rear-naked chokehold. Now the two are set to face off again at UFC 200 in July and Diaz isn't clueless about what the rematch really is.

He sat down with ESPN's Brett Okamoto and told him that the UFC thinks his victory was "an accident" and that the rematch is set to "take him out before he gets any bigger."

"Since that last fight, have you heard any praise for me from Dana or the UFC? None at all. How much praise has that m-----f----- got? I've never lost a fight and not wanted to fight the guy 10 minutes later. The UFC is pumping him up again, saying he wants to redeem himself and giving him all this credit for it. It's like, dude, I've been obsessed with every fight I've ever lost. This is a gift for him to get it right away."

What about McGregor's "passion" towards getting back in the octagon so quickly with Diaz? McGregor had the option to go back down to the featherweight division and defend his title or even fight the man that backed out the first time, Rafael dos Anjos. In the end, it was Diaz and only Diaz that he had his sights on.

"He's saying he's obsessed? Welcome to my life, m-----f-----. That's the game, and I've never gotten my losses back."

In typical fashion, the terms of the fight were all on McGregor, who wanted everything the same way they were the first time the two met. Neither fighter currently fights in the welterweight division, but according to Diaz, fighting at 170 pounds is important to McGregor righting his wrong.

"He knows that if he goes in and changes circumstances, then that's weak. It's not cool to go in and make your own set of rules because you lost on another set. If you're going to avenge your loss, you've gotta go out and avenge it for real. It's like a guy saying, 'Let's fight again, but no takedowns.' That's weak, and he knows that."

The terms of the fight are fine for Diaz, who's not worried about the rematch.

"I think I can beat every fighter from my weight up to heavyweight. I really do feel like I'm better than everyone, but I feel like if I don't go in there and do what I'm supposed to do, you can f--- up and lose to anyone. So even a guy I just beat, I need to make sure I prepare and get the job done. Kill or be killed. There's a lot of pressure in this sport. I need to go in and make s--- happen my way."

The McGregor-Diaz rematch will occur at UFC 200 which takes place on July 9 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.



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