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For years, fans of the UFC have had the idea of a superfight between legendary fighters Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre dangled in front of them.

For a long time, both held the longest title reigns in UFC history in their respective divisions. So long in fact, that both fighters pretty much ran out of people to fight. Silva was the middleweight champ for seven and a half years, while St-Pierre was the middleweight champ for five and a half.

To many fans, it make sense that without anyone left to fight, the two would eventually meet one another in some kind of catch-weight superfight.

Unfortunately, that never came to fruition, and the dream seemingly came to a close when St-Pierre gave up his title two and a half years ago and went into retirement, although, technically, the fighter never actually said he was retired from the sport.

Now, rumors are swelling that St-Pierre is going to return to the UFC, and Silva is still an active fighter in the UFC, so... maybe the dream of a matchup between these two legendary fighters is alive again.

While doing press for UFC 198 in Brazil, Silva voiced that he was more than willing to make that dream a reality:

Silva's last victory in the octagon was back in 2012 when he defeated Stephan Bonnar. He'll next square off against Uriah Hall at UFC 198. At 41, it seems as if Silva's career is close to coming to an end, making it seem like it's more about a "cash grab" than the actual fights.

Silva denied that claim on Wednesday:

"I've never thought thinking of money. I really want to test myself against him, he's a great athlete, had great skills, even though my focus is on y next opponent, but I'd like to test myself against him. I've never fought in the weight classes below, only in my younger days in Shooto. For me to test myself, it's a great fight."

I think it's safe to say that all fans would agree that a fight between Silva and St-Pierre would definitely be a great fight.



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