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Ryan Matsunaga

It's official, Nate Diaz and featherweight champion Conor McGregor are throwing down for a second time. The match-up will headline the UFC 200 in July.

The fight was made official on UFC Tonight, and in a surprising twist, will once again be contested at 170 lbs, despite the fact that both Diaz and McGregor have spent most of their careers at lower weight classes.

Their first fight took place at UFC 196, with Diaz stepping up on shot notice after lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos was forced to drop out due to an injury. Due to how little time Diaz had to prepare, the bout was contested at 170 lbs, rather than his natural weight class of 155.

McGregor, who had previously been undefeated in the UFC, bloodied Diaz in the first round, but visibly tired as the fight progressed. A fatigued McGregor was staggered by Diaz's striking in the second round, before ultimately submitting to a rear-naked choke.

The two will face each other again in a matter of months at UFC 200, which is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 9.


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