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Earlier this week, Jon Jones went public with the fact that he was ticketed for drag racing in Albuquerque while driving home from dinner last week. He adamantly denies that he was drag racing though, and even went as far as to blame the cop for singling him out.

The body cam footage of the traffic stop was subsequently released to the media and it shows a very emotional Jones using some choice words with the officer. You can watch that here.

The former UFC champ is currently on probation for a 2015 hit-and-run incident, in which the former light heavyweight champ pleaded guilty to. It has now been confirmed that Jones has been arrested for this latest offense.

Early Tuesday morning, he reported to officers from Probation & Parole, rather than the Albuquerque Police Department, and was taken to a detention center in which he remains in custody. Bail has not yet been set.

This was announced via a statement from the UFC, which reads as follows:

"UFC is aware that Jon Jones turned himself into the Albuquerque Police Department this morning for a potential probation violation stemming from a traffic stop last week. UFC has been in touch with Jones' legal team and will have no further comment until the organization has had appropriate time to gather necessary information."

Drag racing wasn't the only ticket issued, he was also ticketed for several other moving violations. Normally none of these would be arrestable offenses, but Jones has yet to finish the 72 hours of community service and 18 months of probation that he was sentenced to.

Jones was previously scheduled to make his return to MMA next month, facing Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 in an attempt to reclaim his title.

His management team is aware of the seriousness of Jones' arrest and released their own statement:

"Jon and his team are taking this very seriously, and we will let the legal process play out. We are confident he will be released once he has an opportunity to explain to the judge the facts in this case."

They are confident that his arrest will not affect the fight with Cormier and that everything will be wrapped up quickly once Jones has the ability to have his day in front of a judge to explain his side.

Pros around the UFC took to Twitter to voice their opinions on Jones' arrest, ranging from positive to negative. Some even used the social media format to voice their conspiracy theories.


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